Reason to Celebrate

One year ago on the weekend before Memorial Day I married my best friend, my best love. We went for a stroll today under those same trees, by those same buildings, surrounded by similar celebration sounds. Life surely has changed in this past year, but it is richer and filled with an even deeper love. I couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate our anniversary. Wonderful chaos, tender… [read more →]

New Life

A year ago we had just left behind a Friday (ok maybe even Thursday) bar hopping, work consuming, restaurant going, us us us kind of life. Today we find ourselves in a completely different place physically and emotionally as well. One could never imagine the dramatic change and transition. Two words perfectly describe it all--- Wonderful chaos. [read more →]

a project of a different kind

WK5D6 / WK11D5 / WK12D5 WK14D3 / WK15D1 / WK17D5 WK18D5 / WK21D0 / WK30D5 WK31D6 / WK32D5 / WK33D5 WK34D5 / WK35D6 / WK36D4 WK37D4 / WK38D3 / WK39D0 WK39D4 / WK40D5 1WKPOST / 2WKPOST 6 MONTHS POST & BACK TO NORMAL! [read more →]